Painting Your Metal Garage Door


One of the great things about learning the different materials, products and techniques that allow you to paint or coat a variety of surfaces is that you gain options. What do I mean by this exactly? For example, your garage door is a huge part of your home. Not only does it allow you entry and exit to and from your home it also stores important household items, tools, your vehicle, etc. Purchasing a new garage door can often be a huge expense, especially if the door is not in need of replacement and it’s solely for cosmetic purposes such as increasing the overall curb appeal of your home. Garage doors can be made out of different materials such as wood or metal but the great thing is that they can be painted! In fact, you can even paint your metal garage door to look as though it is wood with a fine woodgrain finish! 

Painting Your Metal Garage Door With Woodgrain Finish

Prepping- First and foremost before starting any painting project you will want to make sure you have made adequate preparations. You will want to remove any old or existing paint which may also entail a bit of sanding to remove any rust from your metal garage door. Next, you will want to clean the door thoroughly with a low-pressure wash using a degreaser on any tough spots.

Repairs- After you have stripped the door back down to its basic state you will want to look for any repairs needed. Should there be large repairs that need to be done we suggest utilizing a reputable garage door repair company to make sure repairs are done to the best ability. 

Prime Time- Priming the area you will be painting will make all the difference. You can find a metal primer in either spray on our liquid form.  Make sure when applying the primer that you do so evenly and thoroughly. Make sure to let it dry completely before beginning to paint.

Paint It- When you are ready to both prime your door and paint it is very important you choose the right time of day and also the right weather. Outside elements such as rain, wind, snow, and dust can have a huge effect on painting your door and its overall outcome. Another tip to keep in mind when painting your metal garage door is that you use the best paint possible. Acrylic latex exterior paint is the best paint to use. Should you choose to utilize a stain instead we suggest a gel stain in a matte finish when trying to achieve a wood look. When painting you will need to utilize the strie technique to create the wood grain look you are trying to achieve. It is also best to use a brush on recessed areas and a paint roller on flat areas.

Dry Time- Remember that once you are done painting you must THOROUGHLY let the paint dry before opening or closing your door. While it may sound a lot easier said than done to paint your metal garage door it can be quite a challenge especially when weather elements come into play. Take your time for the best results!

Painting your metal garage door to resemble a wood door can be quite the project but it can also add a lot of curb appeal and value to your home. The key to properly painting surfaces such as metal or plastic is technique and having the right tools and materials at your disposal. Taking time to ensure the proper preparations are done can make all the difference when applying any type of paint or coating to alternative surfaces. Should your attempt at creating a “wood” look for your metal garage door go completely wrong there are some great actual wood garage doors on the market today!