Eco Friendly Paint

eco-friendly-paintPaint has been a marvel in our world, from bringing colors to the first ever civilizations to now decorating our homes and cars, paint has been able to bring not only color but a feeling that creates a strong emotion. Just think if Ferrari’s weren’t painted in the vibrant red, some of the personality of the car would be sucked from it just by removing its paint. However, paint is not necessarily the best thing for our ever fragile environment. While our paint doesn’t contain lead as it did just a few decades before, paint today releases harmful chemicals that is not only poisonous but can also hurt the surrounding environment as well.

What’s So Bad About Paint Today?

Paint today is full of chemicals called Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), these chemicals are most dangerous when the paint is wet and is freshly applied to a surface. It releases these chemicals to the nearby environment which is why ventilation and some form of protection against the fumes is necessary when painting. Otherwise, you will experience a range of symptoms from skin irritation to low-VOC-paintnausea and dizziness. Thankfully after a few hours your house will be safe from these VOC’s and you won’t need to wear a ventilation mask everywhere you go. But, even after your house is ventilated the environment still has to take some damage from these VOC’s. VOC’s are able to form ozone under the right conditions. And while ozone is necessary in the stratosphere to block the sun’s UV rays, here on ground level in the Troposphere Ozone it is very dangerous as not only can humans not breathe it, but it creates a huge amount of smog which is not safe for your health.

So What Can I Do?

So, if you are in the process of repainting your house you can actually skip all of the harmful paints that are out there. Instead, you can use low VOC or even no VOC alternatives that are safer for you and the environment.

Low VOC’s Paint

  • Contains less than 50g of paint
  • Water based instead of oil based
  • Offers as many colors as traditional paint
  • Can contain other chemicals that aren’t safe for you

Natural Paints

  • No VOC’s are emitted
  • Offers just as many colors as normal paintnatural-paint-alternatives
  • No paint odor
  • Not as versatile as normal paint
  • Can contain other harmful chemicals

Since the first caveman painted on the wall with blood, humanity has been infatuated with painting as it brings that extra life that can make a house feel like home. However, with recent scientific developments, humanity has been able to remove lead from many products including paint and gasoline. But, now humanity’s biggest problem is the emission of VOC’s. While we are still working on electric cars, many do not concern themselves with low VOC paints when refurnishing their house. If you take the time to choose a low VOC paint or even a completely green alternative you will do a great help to improve the health of not only yourself and the people living in your house, but also helping the health of the environment.