Paint Bonding Chemicals For Alternative Surfaces

Paint is one of those things that need a lot of prep to make sure it bonds correctly with the surface you are applying it to. In fact, many say 90% of the work is prepping the surface and the other 10% is actually painting. If you mess up it can lead to an unappealing look that will cost a lot of time and money to redo and repair.That being said, there are a few chemicals you can use to help your paint stick to wood, metal, or plastic to make sure the paint will last a long time and won’t chip or peel.

Acetone, Denatured Alcohol, & Mineral Spirits

These chemicals can be used on plastic or metal but are not recommended for wood as it will dry out the wood or damage any finish that is already on there. It is a powerful cleaner so be sure to apply carefully as it will quickly dissolve any paint quickly. These chemicals also evaporate quickly so it’s not best for large jobs. And don’t use these chemicals without proper ventilation as the fumes it emits is not good for your health. All 3 of these chemicals are easily found at all hardware stores.

Trisodium Phosphate

This chemical is the one used by the pros and is very good at cleaning dust off the surface to prep them for painting. It is mainly used for painting walls but can be used on almost any surface. Like acetone, it is a strong chemical degreaser so any previous paint or finish will be ruined if they come in contact. Also, take proper safety precautions as it can cause skin and eye irritations. You can also pick this up at any hardware or. paint store. It will usually come in powder form which you then will mix in water for the desired concentration.


This is an easy DIY solution that you can do to quickly clean your surfaces for better paint adhesion. This is the best one for wood as other stronger cleaners will damage the wood. It is not that powerful so if you need to remove the paint it will take a lot of scrubbing or even a more powerful cleaner to rinse off. But obviously, soap is the easiest, safest, and cheapest option on this list.

Painting is something that can easily be done by yourself as long as you take the necessary precautions for safety and thoroughly clean the surface with the right chemicals to make sure the paint not only looks good but lasts a long time as well.