Powder Coatings

powder-coated-bike-framesPowder coating is a new form of treating metal and has gained popularity over paint in the last couple of decades due to its environmental friendliness and its superb durability. However, many don’t know how they are able to spray a powder onto metal and then have it turn into a solid coating.

Prepare Metal Surface- If your piece already has a coating, then you will need to remove it before powder coating. Use a sandblaster to try and remove any coating until you’re down to the bare metal. The next step for powder coating has the same preparation as other surfaces. Soak or brush the metal with a strong solvent like acetone to clean any contaminants that may not allow the powder coating to stick. 

powder-coatingCoat the Metal-Next, you will need a powder coating gun. Beginner guns are available for less than $200. This is a special tool that electrically charges the powder and then propels it onto the metal surface. You will also need an air compressor to help propel the powder. Due to the charge on the powder it will stick and spread evenly across the whole metal surface 

Cook the material- Now for the final step, you need to carefully transfer the powder-coated piece into an oven and let it cook at 350-375 F for 10-15 mins. If the object is small enough you can use a conventional oven, but make sure to never cook normal food in it again. Because the curing process releases toxins that will be cooked into your food the next time you use it. So in actuality, you may as well add an oven to the list of things needed to buy. 

powder-coating-toolsPowder coating is one of the easiest things to learn how to do. The only problem is having to buy the equipment and materials to do it. Although it can quickly pay off, setting yourself up with the right equipment, tools and materials to powder coat is not cheap. It is, however, a great investment for those looking to utilize powder coating long term.