• Seamless PVC Shrink Tube
  • Works with Wet Wood
  • Takes Only 10 Minutes
  • Covers Knots and Splits
  • Use on Wood, Aluminum or Steel
  • No Bleed Through
  • No Drying or Curing Time
  • Available in White or Black
  • Shrinks from 4x4's down to 2x4's
  • Use what you need - No Waste
  • Continuous 1 Piece Roll

POST COATS™ is a durable, easy to apply, inexpensive alternative to painting sign posts. In less than 10 minutes you can have a ready-to-install PVC coated sign post in black or white. POST COATS™ covers knots and splits in the wood giving you a smooth attractive finish. No curing or drying time is required. POST COATS™ is vinyl receptive so you can easily add logos or numbers to the posts. Best of all… POST COATS™ can be applied to wet wood! POST COATS™ shrinks about 40%, so although it was designed for 4x4 posts it will work on 2x6’s, 1x6’s and 2x4’s (marginal). POST COATS™ works with any shape post… Square, round or rectangular and any post material… wood, aluminum, steel, etc. POST COATSTM is not meant to be used for permanent installations. It is intended for signs that are typically in the ground for no more than 1 year such as "Coming Soon" signs or realtor signs.

        PC1 is an 80' roll of white material for $68.00. That's enough to coat (10) 8' posts for $6.80 per post.
        PC2 is an 80' roll of black material for $68.00. That's enough to coat (10) 8' posts for $6.80 per post.
        PC3 is our Combo-Pak which includes 1 box each of PC1 and PC2 for $129. Your cost is $6.45 per post.
        PC4 is our Mini-Combo which comes with 40' of white and 40' of black for $74.00. It's the perfect starter kit.

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